Improvements in Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking not only provides up to the minute locations on vehicles, but can also be utilized to provide maintenance and driver management. Additional services include fuel tracking, vehicle diagnostics and address health and safety issues. Generally this information is tracked by GPS, but it can also be delivered via cellular triangulation. This data is sent from the vehicle up to a satellite where it is then transported to the business. Real time locations are displayed on a map and help dispatchers calculate delivery times for their customers.


Advanced Technology

Technology now allows all of the data to be stored in the cloud, a network of off site servers that are maintained by big companies such as Google. Using web based software, trucking companies are now able to keep their business costs down by eliminating the need for in house infrastructure. Tracking software is uploadable from the internet and updates are automatic, eliminating the need for an in house IT department.

Fleet management software is installed in the vehicle’s dashboard and records all the data related to the operations of the vehicles. GPS devices can come standard in newer trucks or can be installed in older models. The information received can be reviewed with hands free cell phones or Bluetooth technology. It also analyzes this data and alerts the driver to items that need his attention such as routine maintenance. Additionally it takes notice of an operator’s average speed, brake usage and frequency of detours. All of this information can save money in the long run if a driver learns how to adjust his driving habits and learns the ins and outs of his vehicle.

Money Matters

Cost is a big factor in running a business and fleet tracking management helps keep those costs down. They can leave the worry of security, data back and fire concerns of the largest cloud computing companies. Businesses only pay for those services needed to run their day to day operations such as accounting applications. This fleet tracking service includes routing and mileage reporting and fuel tax and purchasing optimization. These are all vital due to the fact that road and fuel prices change on a daily basis.

Eye in the Sky

Security is always an issue for fleet management and can be enhanced with the additional eyes that tracking provides. Over the air security offers the ability to have cameras running around the clock. This can be a great tool in the recovery of stolen vehicles and lost cargo. It also cuts down on the theft of precious cargo and can save millions of dollars a year. Remote disabling systems can be activated to deter thieves from stealing vehicles. Once the company has been alerted to a theft it can remotely control the vehicle by slowly bringing the truck to a stop and then disengaging the starter system. This system can also be utilized by a driver in the case of an emergency.